September 29, 2021

Why Bet on Pai Gow Using Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are changing operations in many industries worldwide. In fact, the gambling industry was among the early adopters of blockchain technology. Today, anyone using crypto to wager bets has a lot of opportunities. Many casinos accept crypto payments alongside e-wallets. In addition, there are exclusive crypto online casinos that accept various crypto payments such as Bitcoin, Ripple, XRP, and Ethereum. Gambling with cryptocurrencies comes with lots of advantages. Check out the most important ones below.

Why Bet on Pai Gow Using Crypto


Cryptocurrency networks have the most advanced technology. As a result, they are practically impenetrable. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in crypto-gambling sites. All transactions are recorded on the blockchain, a public ledger, and now ERC-20 coins are backed by smart contracts. Each owner’s device keeps a record of data and transactions. For more secure transactions, users have to authenticate any transaction for it to be completed. Since players transact with crypto casinos without a third party, the whole system has fewer weak points. As such, hackers cannot find ways of stealing funds.


If you prefer to keep your details private, then gambling with crypto is for you. The crypto casinos do not have know-your-customer (KYC) policies. Therefore, any transactions you do remain private.

The casino only identifies the player using a public key. Therefore, the players don’t have to share their name, address, or location.

Fast Payments

Crypto payments are the fastest way for players to cash out winnings. That is because there are no third parties involved in verifying transactions on the blockchain. Payments get paid to the players within a few hours while deposits into the casino’s account reflect instantly.

Low Transaction Fees

Crypto casinos charge lower fees compared to the transaction charges on other payment methods. In addition, clients don’t have to pay service and maintenance fees. Other payment methods like credit cards and e-wallets impose extras fees on their customers.

Exclusive Bonuses

Since crypto payments are cheaper for both the casino and the players, the casino awards better bonuses to players who pay with crypto. The perfect examples are the welcome bonuses at crypto casinos which have higher matched percentages than fiat currency bonuses.

Higher Betting Limits

Cryptocurrencies are fully decentralized. Therefore, they are not regulated by governments. When gambling with crypto, players can place big bets without worrying about limits. Such a situation allows high rollers more room to wager their money.

Besides, crypto casinos have special VIP programs. In these, players enjoy playing with very high limits.


Gambling with cryptocurrencies comes with so many advantages. With the acceptance of blockchain technology around the world, crypto gambling is here to stay. The only downside is the high volatility of crypto assets. However, you can take advantage of the volatility by purchasing the assets when the price is low. After that, any winnings that get paid out in the form of crypto assets will become more valuable, allowing you to recoup any losses.

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