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How To Play Mobile Pai Gow

Pai Gow is one of the best casino games to play when a player has a lot of time to kill. The popularity of playing Pai Gow on mobile devices has enjoyed a steady rise in recent years. Its rate of play is slow, which translates to a lower house edge. This also maximizes the possibility of the player walking away with bigger winnings.

The rules of the game may seem complicated when compared to fast-paced games like Texas hold ‘em. However, once a player understands them, it becomes easier to win big. But, first players need to distinguish between Pai Gow and classic poker.

How Pai Gow Can Be Played in Apps or Mobile Responsive

It easy to understand how Pai Gow can be played in apps or mobile responsive versions if a player has experience in classic poker. The two games bare many similarities that new Pai Gow players can use as a foundation into the game. Here is how Pai Gow differs from classic poker:

  • Players start the game with seven cards instead of 2
  • Pai Gow decks have one instead of 2 jokers
  • Bluffing is not allowed when playing Pai Gow
  • Bettors go head to head against the dealer
  • Hand rankings also differ slightly

The Rules

Players can stake real cash as all game providers support android as well as other devices. So, you need to know the rules and the best way to win some games. The hand ranking system is the same as in games, such as Texas hold’em with a few exceptions.

For one, it’s possible to have a 5 of a kind set of cards in one hand. This is the highest hand, and it can even trump a royal flush. However, it’s always advisable to split such hands into the front, and bottom hand as gameplay can be prolonged.

Mobile Pai Gow Strategy

Most seasoned Pai Gow players also understand that prolonging the game is a part of the strategy and an unspoken rule. This is especially beneficial as all game providers support iPhone and iOS devices that can go for long on a single charge. In classic poker, players would never sacrifice a pack of all aces.

However, players need to create two hands. One of these hands needs to have two cards. Therefore, they have to split such hands to form 2 winning hands. So, this would imply putting at least one ace in the bottom hand before going against the dealer.

How Pai Gow is Easy and Suitable to Play on Tablet

The first thing for players to remember is that Pai Gow pits them against the dealer. Unlike, going against other players, there is no bluffing or trickery employed when trying to win a hand of Pai Gow. Both the player and dealer receive seven cards. The player’s cards remain face up while the dealer’s cards face up.

The cards are split into two hands. The front hand has five cards, and most of the player's cards should go into strengthening this hand. The dealer shows their hand once the player settles on how his/her hands are split.

Pai Gow
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