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How To Play Pai Gow

Pai Gow Poker is a pretty cool game for players that know how to find their way around it. The basic behind the game is just a lot of pushes. The game has a standard deck of 52 cards and a joker. All players have to do is sit around a table with a maximum of six players and the dealer. Beating the banker is the objective of the game. Pai Gow is low risk with odds favoring winning one hand on every deal. There are a lot of things players need to understand to win.

An Elementary Guide on How to Play and Win a Pai Gow Game

Pai Gow is an ancient casino table game that can be played either for fun or real money. Learn all the essential details on how to play Pai Gow.

An Overview of the Game's Details

Players must first place their bets before they can receive the cards. The wager is within the minimum and the maximum and will cover the entire duration of the hand. Players also land themselves a bonus bet if they get a premium hand. With a premium hand, players have the chance to get a better payout with their bet. Getting the bonus doesn't depend on whether the player wins or not. There is a big difference between the bet sizes players make acting as a player as compared to the bet sizes betting as a banker. The bigger the bet sizes, the higher the winning odds at Pai Gow.

The Showdown

Once players have their two poker hands placed, they place their hands with two cards showing the front and the five-card in their back. Every player is playing to win against the banker and not against one another. This is the other part that makes Pai Gow fun because all the players can win or lose together. The banker is either the dealer or another player on the table. For a player to win, they must win both the front and the back five-card hand. Losing one and winning one is considered a push, and losing both is a loss on the player. The banker wins if the front or the back ties.

Keep an Eye on Side Bets

Side bets Pai in Gow variants are increasingly gaining popularity, and they include bets that give players better-winning chances. The good thing about side bets is that they do not detract or add from bets for the hand. The player will be betting extra instead. The chances include whether they get four-of-a-kind, three-of-a-kind, a royal flush, or a straight flush. The higher the hands, the higher the amount players get on their bonus payout. Players can also get bonuses with their side bets on some casinos. With this, players wager that another player will hit a premium hand.

The Bottom Line

Winning is mostly dependent on how players deal with cards because the game doesn't have any betting rounds. Players need to learn skills in setting their hands for them to win against the banker. Gamblers have hands they can place in different ways, and the outcomes are generally unpredictable. To get a guaranteed push, a player may consider the bottom option as the most profitable play as it has better chances of winning. Sometimes this boils down to personal preferences or feelings. The coolest part of this is that the player can always ask the dealer if they feel confused.

An Elementary Guide on How to Play and Win a Pai Gow Game

Pai Gow is an ancient casino table game that can be played either for fun or real money. Learn all the essential details on how to play Pai Gow.


Basic strategy

In 1985, the Bell Card Club owner, Sam Torosian, created a poker game. This game was inspired by Pai Gow poker. This game became popular in the United States and around the world. This game requires skills like blackjack. This game requires players who are well-prepared to play. So, gamblers have to implement strategies that can distinguish a poorly organized gambler from a fully-armed player.

Before players sign up for an online casino, they have to get prepared. That means they must have strategies to play Pai Gow. Consider some of the strategies outlined in this guide and try betting at Pai Gow.

Implement Pai Gow Strategy and Win

This game is a product of American ingenuity and Chinese history. But many brick and mortar casinos have adapted this game. It is one of the many online casino games which is not based on luck. Players must have strategies if they want to win bets on this game.

Gamblers need to practice this game frequently until they familiarize themselves with it. When an individual feels he or she is adequately prepared, one can decide to try luck at Pai Gow. So, people must implement the strategy of this game and win bets on online casinos. Always consider this strategy when playing this exciting game.

Strategy for Setting Hands

When playing Pai Gow, setting hands correctly is essential. Gamblers who win this game regularly understand how to fix their hands. For newbies in this game, they need to understand which hands must be their front hand. They must also discover their backhands if they want to play well in this game. The 2-card hand can be the front hand while the 5-card hand can be the backhand.

If players have a full house, they need to split up the cards. They can have some cards on the front hand and other cards on the backhand. This strategy can help them play well at Pai Gow.

Players Cannot Be Bankers in This Game Online

In many online casinos, Pai Gow games start with a player being a banker. This allows a player to minimize the house edge. A gambler can also get an advantage over other players in this game. So, people need to consider this strategy when playing the land-based casino.

The great challenge about this strategy is that it is not available on online casinos. Online Pai Gow does not have this option. At online casino sites, players try to beat the game dealer. Thus, gamblers can only apply this strategy while playing this game at a land-based casino.

Consider Odds Given to Pai Gow Poker

Whether players are playing at a brick and mortar casino or online, they must realize that a considerable share of placing a bet is based on a player’s luck. In this case, Pai Gow is not exceptional. People must consider the odds placed on poker games before they bet on their money.

Experts can provide odd calculations that will help players to improve their winning chances. Besides, gamblers can use this strategy to discover how online casinos give odds to Pai Gow Poker. Learn about these tips and try winning at Pai Gow. A player might win big!

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Pai Gow Bets in Casinos

Pai Gow is growing in popularity since its inception decades ago. This game combines elements of traditional Chinese dominos. However, players lay down standard cards instead of domino tiles. This also reduces the predictability of the game and enhances the excitement of the gameplay.

Online casinos and mobile apps have picked up on this buzz. So, each day more and more players are trying their luck. This makes online casino Pai Gow more accessible and rewarding to play. The game differs from poker games; therefore, players need to get a little practice before diving in and staking some cash.

Trusted Pai Gow Casinos for Betting

The internet is bursting with so many online casinos and apps that it makes it hard for players to choose. To top it off, each day, there's news of a new casino website or app launch. Such platforms also come with sign-up bonuses and other incentives to shore up their user numbers.

So, it's essential as a user to cut through the noise and distinguish from the good, bad, and plain ugly. Choosing a trusted Pai Gow casino can protect players from losing their hard-won earnings on bets. Some apps and websites can also be fronts for financial theft.

Licensed Casinos for Betting

Undoubtedly one way to cut through the noise and the scammers is to check if the casino is licensed to provide betting services. Some online casinos are not licensed, and all they do is offer attractive bonuses on cash deposits. This should be the first red flag to note. Others provide less protection to players when compared to others.

All reputable online casinos prominently display their gaming licenses on their websites. Such permits are not hard to spot as they often feature at the bottom of the casino’s home page. This can be confirmed by clicking the logo of the licensing agent.

Secure Betting Casinos

Online platforms, such as online casinos, are prone to cyber-crimes. Players can find themselves victims of crime such as identity theft and credit card fraud. One way for players to secure themselves from such crimes is using platforms that feature data encryption.

The best online casinos use 256-bit encryption. Such a security level protects whatever financial and personal data players send to online casinos. Such codes are so unbreakable that even banks use them to secure wire transfers. Players should also review the casino’s privacy policy before signing up. Some online platforms can rent out or sell personal customer information to make a quick buck.

Certified Casinos Where Players Can Bet

Online casinos are also required to display their certification. There are three forms of accreditation, which include:

  • Software testing licensing – Independent companies work to ensure all online casinos use quality random number generators, so they don’t tip the odds in the houses favor. They also ensure that any glitches and issues are fixed at the right time.
  • Jurisdictional licensing– all casinos (even crooked ones) require certification from at least one region in the world. Some territories are strict others are lenient.
  • Security licensing – Private and governmental security agencies also check online casinos to ensure there’s no criminal activity.
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How to win

Just like with any other poker game that players can find in a casino, Pai Gow comes with some standard rules. One must make a point of knowing and fully comprehending all of them. Without the basics, gamblers might not even get a lot of excitement from playing the game. Beginners can always consider scouring the internet to get more information about Pai Gow. At the same time, it is recommended that one refers to trustworthy sites only. Some websites publish untrue or unconfirmed material, sometimes unknowingly, and it can mislead Pai Gow poker enthusiasts and even diminish their interest in the casino game.

Top Strategies for Players to Use to Win Pai Gow Poker

Playing Pai Gow poker and winning comes with incomparable thrill. Players can play the game and get desirable outcomes every time using these tips.

Make That Side Bet

The number and type of side bets that gamblers can make in Pai Gow largely depend on the game they are playing. Sometimes, players may be allowed to make just one side bet, but two are also applicable. To find out one's options, they should check out the rules of their casino. The good thing about making side bets is that their payouts always come in multiples, and the hand's strength helps to determine what is paid out. When making side bets, however, players ought to be cautious by not betting a lot more than the minimum side bet. It is also best to go for more achievable hands.

Play Bank When the Chance Presents Itself

All players who want to win Pai Gow should play Bank every time they get the opportunity to do it. Banking allows gamblers to play against others, and it is ideal when one is using their hard-earned cash to play. The Banker comes with higher chances of winning, but this doesn't mean that players should forget to be cautious. At the end of the day, successful gamblers need a fat bank account to keep playing bank, and they should not jeopardize that. Players can also go for tables that allow two gamblers to share a single banker position.

The House Way

Pai Gow poker is exhilarating, but it is not easy for everyone. Players need a lot of tips to play, plus one has to organize their cards well if they want to walk away with the prize. The House Way is an excellent option for players who are just starting out, and often get bewildered when they are faced with a problematic card arrangement. With this method, a player's cards are automatically arranged depending on a dealer's fixed system. Of course, one casino's fixed system differs from that of another. Gamblers should first check it out before deciding on the casino to choose.

Use Jokers Wisely

When playing Pai Gow, gamblers should make sure that the joker, which is popular in most of the game's variations, works to their advantage. A joker can come in handy in two places. One can use it as an Ace, but it can also complete a flush or a straight. Anything else that can fit in your high hand will affect the outcome. Therefore, players must remember to think carefully about their low hands before they make their high hands. In both hands, one should always show their highest value and avoid traps at all costs to eventually win the game.

Top Strategies for Players to Use to Win Pai Gow Poker

Playing Pai Gow poker and winning comes with incomparable thrill. Players can play the game and get desirable outcomes every time using these tips.

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Pai Gow is a relatively simple game to play. All a player needs is a firm grasp of the poker card rankings and the skill to make the five-card hard stronger than the two-card hand. As such, players need to be strategic to improve their chances of winning. For instance, a player acting a banker has a meager edge of 0.4% against them. On the other hand, not following a strategy means that the edge increases to 2.51%. Being strategic in a seven handed table results in an overall house edge of 1.45%, which is decent considering the slow-paced nature of this game.

What Every Poker Player Should Know About Pai Gow Odds

This article explores some truth about Pai Gow poker odds. These insights can be applied to make your gamming exploits more profitable.

Odds of Play

Any player needs to understand the odds of the game. Players need to understand their odds of winning a hand in Pai Gow, the odds of the dealer winning both hands and the chances that the game will end in a tie. Past statistics show approximately 40% of Pai Gow games end in a push, where neither the dealer nor the player wins. The odds of the other remaining outcomes are almost equal. A dealer has a 30% chance of winning both hands while the odds of the player winning are 29%. Overall, the dealer enjoys a slight advantage over the player.

Odds of Winning Both Two and Five Card Hands

A player's main goal should be to make the best out of the seven cards dealt. This means that they should strive to win both the two and five-card hands. The probability of a player winning with just one of the two hands is undoubtedly not feasible. Players who have dealt with seven cards such as 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and a Jack can get a straight win for the five-card hand, but nothing good for the two-card hand. Ideally, players should avoid folding when they have a strong five hand.

Banker Odds

Pai Gow Poker odds depend on how the house sets its hand. A player who chooses to serve as a banker plays against other players. This option usually gives the player a tremendous advantage. The banker wins copies. This means that if two people have straights, the banker wins when his or her two-card hand is stronger than that of the players. Also, he does not lose when the player's hand is better. Notwithstanding, the banker is allowed to deduct all losses from their wins before they can pay their commission, a benefit that is not enjoyed by other players.

Effects of Not Banking on Player Odds

Every decision a Pai Gow player makes influences their odds of winning. Thus, when a player opts not to be the banker, this decision gives the house an edge of 2.84%. Two main things inform the house edge. First, players have to contribute 5% of their winnings to the casino, and secondly, the commission levied on the bet. Also, when a player opts not to be the banker, he or she stands a high chance of losing a tie with the banker. The decision not to be a banker gives the house an extra edge of 1.27%.

What Every Poker Player Should Know About Pai Gow Odds

This article explores some truth about Pai Gow poker odds. These insights can be applied to make your gamming exploits more profitable.

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Pai Gow is a game that involves many pushes. Players just need to sit down and play Pai Gow. Players are mandated to play against bankers. This means that gamblers can either lose or win. The game also offers an opportunity for players to interact as they play.

Some Basic Rules of Playing Pai Gow for New Gamblers

Pai Gow was established in the 1980s. It has been played in many casinos for 30 years or so. The game follows a set of rules that fans need to know.

In case players are unsure of how to maneuver their hands, they just need to ask dealers for help. These dealers can help players by telling them how they can set their hands and play Pai Gow. Moreover, they can also help punters to observe some basic rules of taking part in this game.

Dealing with This Game

This game comes with an interesting technique of playing. Once cards are shambled, dealers have the responsibility of placing them into seven piles. Each pile needs to have seven cards. Six piles goes to players and one to a dealer. Before dealers shambles cards, they also have to modify cards to resemble the shape of dragons with tails, heads, and bodies.

The seats of players are numbered up to seven. A digit is arbitrarily selected to pick a player who will get dealt cards. From there, dealers are mandated to give out the remaining cards following the clockwise direction of a counter.

Setting Up a Hand for This Game

When it comes to a two-card hand, it would be possible to create high cards and pairs. But for a five-card hand, the standard hand ranking rule will apply. So, it would be prudent for gamblers to note that a five-card hand is way better than a two-card hand. For instance, in case a two-card hand comprises of two aces, a five-card hand will have to outrank two-pair cards.

A joker card may be employed to complete the game in a straight or flush way. However, in case these situations cannot apply at the same time, the card has to be at the top.

Showdown of Pai Gow

Immediately players manage to set up their hand, they can place a two-card hand at the front and a five-card hand at the back. With such, a five-card hand is regarded as big, behind, or bottom hand. On the other, a two-card hand is mostly termed as a small, low, or minor hand. In case hands are set inappropriately, they may be reset or forfeited, depending on the house’s rules.

Moreover, if a casino is a banker, then cards ought to be set according to the rules. But if at all players are acting as bankers, then they have the freedom of setting their hands in a way that deems fit.

Side Bets of Pai Gow

For a year now, casinos have been adopting Pai Gow variants. Each variant are categorized according to some side bets that enhances the winnings of players. The side bets do not detract from wagers for a hand in this game. Rather, players are tasked to bet more, regardless of whether they are part of the full house or not.

In addition, various casinos come with envy bonuses. Due to this, gamblers can stake the amount of cash that other players may hit at the premium hand. So, gamblers need to be familiar with the side bets and rules that Pai Gow comes with.

Some Basic Rules of Playing Pai Gow for New Gamblers

Pai Gow was established in the 1980s. It has been played in many casinos for 30 years or so. The game follows a set of rules that fans need to know.

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