October 6, 2021

How to Play and Win in Fortune Pai Gow

Many variations of the original Pai Gow poker game exists. Fortune Pai Gow is by far the most popular variation in America. The game was developed in 2016 by High 5 Games and possessed aspects of the traditional game alongside a new side bet which raises the maximum potential winnings to x8000 of your bet.

How to Play and Win in Fortune Pai Gow

Besides, superior graphics and a responsive user interface give a real casino a realistic gaming feel. Learn more about Fortune Pai Gow by reading this page to the end.


  • Fortune Pai Gow uses the standard deck of cards, including the joker. Your aim to win the game is to hold two strong hands cards out of seven cards. Players compete against the house, and the side with the strongest hands at the end is declared the winner.

  • At the start, you will be dealt seven cards. You then have to choose two cards to make the low hand, and the remaining five cards make up the high hand.

  • When splitting the cards into a high and low hand, it is vital to ensure that the high hand is stronger than the low hand. For instance, a low hand with a pair of six cards requires the high hand to be a pair of sevens or higher.

  • The house side reveals their hands first, followed by the players. If only one hand is stronger than those of the house, a push is declared. You win if both hands are stronger and lose your bet if both hands are weaker than the house.

  • You can place the Fortune Bet, an optional side bet which considers all seven cards. The cards must make up a Straight or better when combined to win the side bet. Winning the side bet is easy because the joker card is a wild card in Fortune Pai Gow. In other words, it replaces cards to complete a Straight, Flush, Straight Flush, or Royal Flush and is taken as an Ace when not completing a hand.

How to Play

  • On the betting table, there are sections for the player and the house. Each section is further divided into high and low subsections.

  • The dealer side has a shoe that holds the card deck and casino chips.

  • On the players' side, there is a small circle for the main bet. The right side contains a brightly coloured box where the Fortune side Bet goes.

  • Bet sizes start at 0.10 credits and go all the way to 100 credits. Following this, players with a small bankroll and those with a huge one can participate in Fortune Pai Gow.


Fortune Pai Gow has a theoretical 97.47% (return-to-player ratio) RTP without considering the side bet. That comes down to 92.23% when you factor in the Fortune Bonus side bet.

The side bet pays out when your seven cards make a Straight or better hand. Here are the possible hands and corresponding bet multipliers:

  • Seven-card Straight Flush - x8,000

  • Royal Flush with suited royals - x2,000

  • Seven-card Straight Flush with Joker - x1,000

  • Five Aces - x400

  • Royal Flush - x150

  • Straight Flush - x50


Fortune Pai Gow is a creative re-invention of the original Pai Gow Poker. The developer put realistic graphics enough to mimic a real casino in the online version. The Fortune side bet is a splendid addition to the game and gives you a chance to multiply your bet for the ultimate win.

Try out the game in an outline casino and try to surpass the house with your low, high, or unsplit hands.

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